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DISCIPLINE To Shatter All Accord music review by Gatot

5 starsFor those who love vintage prog ...

As I grew up with early prog music sometime in the seventies, I could easily relate with this album where the elements of its music having very strong roots to bands like King Crimson, Van der Graaf Generator in some ways with the music style or at least its dark nuances. In modern world you might compare this band with Anglagard, Anekdoten, Parallel or 90 Degrees, etc. It's hard for those of you who were there in the seventies for not liking this album as this one makes the spirit of seventies music alive - it's basically like a trip to the past with modern technology in recording, new band of the 90s.

The opening track Circuitry (6:16) is basically not a straight Crimson-like track as you might hear something very classic rock style especially on its guitar work and vocal style. The composition is actually more on song orientated one so that whoever lived in the seventies or those who appreciate 70s rock music would find this opening track as an entertaining treat. When the Walls are Down (7:29) that follows as second track starts nicely with violin- like sounds followed by medium tempo upbeat music that features vocal (in the style of Peter Hammil). It's an enjoyable track with practically simple composition. Dead City (5:15) strats beautifully with a stunning guitar solo followed with music that sounds nice at the keyboard department featuring vocal line. This time the singing style is totally different with previous tracks. I consider this a s a quite straight forward rock music with a very nice musical break at minute 1:55 featuring stunning guitar solo. I cannot give you any reference on what kind of music this one is because I believe this is quite unique and interesting to enjoy - it's not something like early prog bands ever played before.

When She Dreams She Dreams in Color (13:40) is basically a track that starts wonderfully with a Pete Hammil style of singing where the music is much of slow version of Van der Graaf Generator style. If you do not know the information about this track you would definitely guess that this is Peter Hammil's voice. The much anticipated passage of the music is at the ending part where the music plays repeatedly in the style of King Crimson's Starless demonstrating mellotron drenched sounds and violin-like sounds that blow you away as it repeats slowly and you are overwhelmed by the violin-like sounds and repeated guitar fills (sometimes I get bored) until the song ends.

The epic Rogue (24:04) starts nicely with simple nylon acoustic guitar (classical) fills at the opening part followed by electric great guitar work to feature the vocal line that reminds me to Anekdoten (the singing style). It's really a blown-away opening which really amazed me at first spin and finally become my favourite as well. I like the part when it starts at approx minute 2:59 where the passage sounds different followed with electric guitar work. There are basically great musical passages and transition pieces typically played by guitar and / or piano that bring altogether a very nice experience to listeners who love early prog sounds. At approximately minutes 5 the music changes again and the singing style is with distance voice, referring to the style of Peter Hammil. I can say that overall this epic move beautifully from one style and mood to another with great transition pieces that create wonderful and pleasant listening experience - at least for me personally. Yes, the song tends to be dark from start to end but the movements are really great! I am so fortunate still having this kind of music as great as early days of King Crimson or Van der Graaf performed in totally new compositions by the younger lads of the 90s - and this was just released in 2011! Oh by the way, in the middle of track there were some musical complexities performed by the band. It's fabulous! I have to stop praising this wonderfully crafted epic that has blown me away to the bone! Oh man ..... this is really greaaaaaaaattttttt ......!!!

Overall, you can summarize clearly if you read the above novel-long write-ups that I write emotionally because I am totally blown away. Keep on proggin' ...!

Peace on earth and mercy mild - GW

Gatot | 5/5 |

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